Debbie Turner

This is my story, one of Spirituality. One that started at a young age by being taught the catechism of the Roman Catholic Church.  One that migrated towards Non-denominational Christian teachings and ultimately One that is questioning the difference between Spirituality and Religion.  As it is for others, Spirituality is so much deeper for me than Religion.  Religion and its teachings offer many lessons of and outside a sacred text, but, I think, only a faith-filled community, leader and thoughtful instruction and guidance promote Spirituality.  Fear of breaking away from the norm has riddled my journey with doubts but finding the journey mates for my soul has been comforting.

Although I have met many significant readers, intuitives, holistic practitioners and spiritual friends who have supported me over the years of my journey, I am particularly blessed to have met two psychics that had taken me under their angel wings, answered my questions and encouraged me. One has been a particularly faithful teacher since 2011. Through the mentoring, I have learned a way to divine the messages I receive from different material sources.

I knew I needed to create my own way to grow spiritually and practice what my tribe has been teaching me so I created the Daily Guidance, Vibration & Intuition Journal Pages as a place to write down my messages each morning. Gratitude, raising your vibration and practicing using your intuition are essential to growth and abundance and there are spaces on the pages in which to add these practices.

I was grateful to attend an intuition class years ago that included the Speak Stones sets created by Jackie Lunger. It only took one practice and I saw my way to divine messages for others. I extended the provided stones into a set of crystals and use the meanings of them along with the reading cloth provided with the set and am able to get an accurate “thermostat-type reading” for a querent. Through inspirational thoughts from others, I have been creating a new reading cloth that will be available for purchase in a kit as part of a class.

As of September 10, 2020 I am an ordained minister through Universal Life Church Ministries of Seattle, Washington. https://www.themonastery.org/aboutUs

Through a Soul Family member, I learned of the Bio-Well GDV camera and became a Certified Bio-Well Practitioner in February, 2021.

I look forward to meeting and reading with you soon!

In Love & Light ~


I had an amazing session yesterday (3/17/2021). It was my first time with crystal mapping! I was blown away with the depth and clarity this session revealed!


Highly recommend! Such an interesting reading! I don’t want to give it all away so I’ll just say it uses crystals, a pendulum and a chart! Very cool and insightful! And Devorah is a lovely, compassionate human, really easy to connect with!