The reading I received from Debbie was very insightful – it helped me to understand that I needed to work (a lot) on forgiving myself. I didn’t realize how much guilt was buried deep inside of me. One of the messages that came through that really stands out was about gratitude. In the past year… Continue reading LD


There are times when the path before us seems unclear – perhaps shrouded in mist or the road splits and making the necessary decision to move forward seems overwhelming. This is when having a spiritual guide can provide insight to help you understand what The Source has offered you. Devorah is such a guide. I… Continue reading FD


I found Devorah’s reading to be both insightful and unique. Her crystal layout and style provide a creative and accurate approach to divination that I had not encountered before, making the reading interesting, with depth and detail. As a practitioner myself, I can certainly recommend Devorah’s services for anyone looking for a personal and unique… Continue reading RL


I had an impromptu and unscheduled (or was it???) reading with Debbie. Her reading felt right on task to validate the path that I am on. The process that she uses with the chakra stones and map is fascinating. My jaw dropped when I saw where they fell. Thank you Debbie


Wow-first time being read via stones. She was right on with my struggles. Offered caring and directional advice. Will definitely meet with her again.


Had an awesome reading this morning with Devorah for the first time. She was right on target and I would highly recommend her. Her mapping with crystals was unique & very enlightening. Thank you so much for your guidance and sharing your gift. You’re an amazing spirit…Namaste’


I had a reading today (10/7/2020) with Devorah and was very impressed with her compassion and intuition.


This gal has the gift.


I had a session Friday (10/23/2020) and it was WONDERFUL!! You have a very strong gift and I am grateful you were able to share it with me. It was very insightful. Many things resonated with me and I will take this information along with me on my journey.


Very intuitive, compassionate and relevant session. I’m grateful for Devorah’s insight into my personal and professional journey.


Highly recommend! Such an interesting reading! I don’t want to give it all away so I’ll just say it uses crystals, a pendulum and a chart! Very cool and insightful! And Devorah is a lovely, compassionate human, really easy to connect with!


I had an amazing session yesterday (3/17/2021). It was my first time with crystal mapping! I was blown away with the depth and clarity this session revealed!