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I am not a birth mother, so when I received this Mother Healing message in a reading from a friend, I looked externally for what relationships I needed to heal with women in my life who are mother figures to me.


What has been offered to me by other intuitive friends is that I am a mother-figure to others and it’s this part that can be draining to me because, although I should Let Myself Receive, I don’t see others fulfilling me the way I fulfill them. Why is that?

Others aren’t as caring to me as I am to them? Others are simply not able? I don’t allow it?

I have been receiving signs in Nature. Even my birth mother is wondering what is going on.  One of my mentors asked me what I thought.

4 wounded souls

As a note, all of these animals were found while I was doing my daily walk in the early morning. I often refer to this time as my meditation and a time when I get messages or ideas.  It’s not beyond me that this is when I would receive signs. is my favorite website for looking up the metaphysical meanings of animals.

Turtle- – It may be a signal that you need to ground yourself and  your energy to Earth. This grounding is the best way to protect yourself and to stay focused on the present.

Cardinal – – Cardinal symbolism tells you to make sure that you are aware of precisely what you are manifesting.

Rabbit – – In general, Rabbit symbolism reminds us to examine and use the tools we have within ourselves. Even though our instincts are inherent, they also need nurturing and development.

Mouse – – Mouse symbolism is asking you to look at what is right in front of your eyes and then take action accordingly.

All of the messages within these animals are important and are duly noted.  Most specifically, the Mouse message, catches my attention.  Three of these animals were still alive and in distress when I found them.  The mouse was already dead.  It was very difficult for me to walk away from them.  (I did move the turtle out of the road.) As a matter of fact, when I posted about them in social media, it was very common for people to tell me what to do to take care of them.  In contrast to what one would think my message was, “take care of these wounded souls”, my message was that it’s not my responsibility to take care of every wounded soul that crosses my path. I do not need to mother every one particularly if this action completely drains me without promise of replenishment. The mouse being dead was my confirmation as it was found the morning after I made the realization I am not responsible for healing all that come to me. I stopped seeing injured animals after the mouse. The issue is now dead/over.

I can educate people, show them a way, give my opinion, offer them resources, but then I must step away with blessings.  I must let them use their free will to make their choices and not worry about what their journey will be from those choices.  I can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink.

Many blessings to you,

~ Devi


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