Personal Message – Upon waking – View from Above

DG Holes in Sky Sq Format

First of all, let me say, it’s very interesting to me that this image came to me one month from the image I saw under hypnosis. It was kind of interesting trying to figure out how to “draw” this in Publisher but I think you can see that it’s almost as if someone punched holes in the sky that could be looked or traveled(?) through.


sky-,strife%20for%20a%20better%20life%20and%20higher%20achievements. – Seeing the sky in a dream is associated with your sublimeness, state of being majestic, and infinite freedom. Spiritually, the sky is the symbol of infinity and limitless possibilities. The sky refers to your strife for a better life and higher achievements.

clouds – – White clouds signify happiness, joy, equilibrium, setting clear goals and career contentment in your life.

Number three –,Middle%20and%20End%20and%20Birth%2C%20Life%20and%20Death. – It is always difficult to know exactly what your guardians are leading you towards. However, if you are seeing Angel Number 3, you can be assured that you are doing something right. Your connection to the spiritual realm is potent during this phase, and they are showing their support for you.

channels/tunnels – – A tunnel is a communications channel within the spiritual world.  In effect, when we see any form of tunnel, mine shaft, lift shaft, pipe, sewer, well, corridor or tunnel like opening we are seeing and traversing the spiritual communications network! (I asked my guides if these were in fact channels/tunnels and received yes.

Message – Being up in the sky, not on the ground looking up, has me in a spiritual realm and the three, divine, channels are showing me that there are many channels open to me to receive information and guidance. This is a happy picture to me, the clouds and sky are beautiful so this all feels right and good. My goals and dreams are being supported and are bringing me joy. I feel also that these tunnel openings are open to traveling back and forth easily from one realm to another. They represent the number of guides I have working with me right now.

Many blessings to you,

~ Devi

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