Personal Message – Red Bird Image Under Hypnosis

While under hypnosis, as a demo for a class, I saw this image.

I looked up the meaning of the different elements:

Gold – Luxury & Wealth, Power, Enlightenment.

Dogwood – Four corners of creation, Strength, Protection and Firm Will.

Red Bird – Compassion, Intuition, Love, Grace, Focus, Power, Survival, Security, Leadership and Intentions.

The Number 4 – Angels use it to communicate with us about everyday down to earth concerns, your guardian angels are with you on earth working on your behalf.

Wall – personal barrier which seems impossible to cross, mental stronghold created by self with blocks put in place.

Message – Although I have been gifted with great intuitive abilities, I am blocking my power while being guided to step into it. I need to acknowledge the blocks and “take down that wall”.

What is interesting and timely about this message is that I have been scared about stepping into this identity of Devorah. Now I know that I need to shake the fear off and step into it fully.

Many blessings to you,

~ Devi

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