I Am Not Your Mother

DAT Grandfather Mountain 2019Photo Credit: Linda Thunberg, Huntersville, NC

Used with permission of author

I did not conceive you but I can conceive the being you are becoming.
I did not birth you, but I see you born again each day you wake.
I did not nourish you from my breast but can with the food of the earth and care of my heart.
I did not watch you grow from a child but see you grow in body, mind and spirit as a miraculous being.
I did not send you to school, and can only teach you what I know from a loving heart and intuitive mind.
I did not send you off into the world, but I cherish your being in this world.
It is not up to me to make you anything other than who you are.
You are a perfect being.
I am your guide, teacher, healer and lover.
I see you from an open heart with loving eyes and pray one day you are, in Grace, the being I see but could not create because… I am not your mother.

Deborah A. Turner
Wilmington, NC
June 30, 2020

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