Services Offered

Bio-Well Session

Using the BioWell GDV camera, scans of your finger pads will be analyzed by the BioWell software and a full 28 page report will be provided to you showing your energy field and its levels, chakra alignment, yin and yang meridians and organ balances.

Lithomancy Readings

Using crystals dropped over a reading cloth, we will be able to gain insight into various areas of your life and will gain confirmation and guidance for your life. You will be able to receive a picture of the crystals on the reading cloth for your reading and the messages received from this and oracle cards used during the session.

Location Energy Clearing

Energy clearing is done with smudging and sometimes water jars. It is a way to start your time in new home, apartment, or office with fresh energy, or good vibe. Having stagnant or negative energy in a space can cause you to feel stressed, exhausted, and irritable.

Daily Vibration Journaling Class or Session

Learn how daily journaling can help with raising Vibration, Law of Attraction, Guidance and Gratitude. Things to bring are items you are already using for guidance and inspiration such as horoscopes, oracle and/or tarot cards, crystals and books by inspirational authors