Firm and Striking

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Used with permission of author

Firm and Striking, created Perfectly,
I stand alone in Beauty.
Challenged by uncontrollable Forces,
I Weather what the Universe brings.
Secured in Faith, Love, Spirituality, Benevolence, Peace,
Patience, Joy and Gratitude,
I have the sturdiest Foundation.
Sought as a Beacon for Safety, Home and Guidance,
I Shine in my Purpose.
Objective of the Captain-determined course,
I am Silent, Witness to the Journey,
continuously providing Light.
God, Guides and Wisdom are caretakers,
I am Maintained.
Prayer, Nutrition and Self-Care provide,
I am Replenished.
Strong and Steady,
I stand through Time.
Though the Search for the Light has become updated,
I am continuously Sought.

Deborah A. Turner
Wilmington, NC
April 26, 2018


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