What do you mean I am connected to Arcturians?

My gracious and beautiful friends, I am grateful, beyond measure, that you have been with me on my spiritual journey thus far and pray you will continue. I admit this topic was and is a bit strange to those, “not in the know”, but in the last 19 months I have seen enough evidence myself, to agree that I am connected to an alien people from the Bootes Constellation. If you’ve known me long, you know that I didn’t jump directly in to this, I speculated and waited for more evidence to appear on its own before truly acknowledging this. To say this was a stretch of faith in the beginning is an understatement.

“The Arcturians originate from the constellation Bootes. Although many think that Arcturians come from Arcturus, this is a misunderstanding and must be known that Arcturus is a star much like our sun; however, much larger in diameter, mass, and energy. Arcturians are believed to come from an orbiting celestial body that has not been discovered by earthly astronomers.” – https://bendedreality.com/who-are-the-arcturians/

EXPERIENCE 1January 10, 2019 – Awaken your Ancient Wisdom w/ Linda Thunberg – This class was my introduction to Arcturians, who they are and what their purpose is and it included a message directly channeled to Linda from the Arcturians. There are many websites out on the internet you can peruse. They, so far, all seem to me to be saying similar things. There might even be some plagiarism going on. I will let you use your judgement if you choose to investigate further. Admittedly, I sat in a group of four women at this event in a disbelief that changed to belief and an energy and information exchange that was incredible. Our opening and closing circles were so full of energy that each individual was rocking back and forth while our hands were held. I took this all in and did a little research on the internet and set it aside.

EXPERIENCE 2 – March 6, 2020 – Star Guides: Trance Channeling our Galactic Ancestors w/ Angela Brickhouse – Angela channels “a collective of conscious Beings of many different origins”. I sat with four other people across from Angela and when she asked us each what brought us to the event, I relayed the experience above and that I just wanted to experience the channeling. After this, she remarked, “Yes, I get High Council from you.” Again, in a bit of disbelief, I took this in and put the information to the side to see if it would come up again.

EXPERIENCE 3 – July 14, 2020 – Shamanic Journey w/ Roger Lockshier – Hands down, my two experiences with Roger have been THE MOST specific life changing events for me. Initially I had a Rune Reading with him that confirmed what my life purpose is AND the blocks I needed to work through to realize this purpose. (Just a note here that Roger was unaware of what I was asking for prior to the reading AND he had no idea of the wheels that were already in motion.) We decided that a journey would help remove the blocks and put in the positive energies to continue to move forward. Although this reading was outstanding, nothing could have prepared me for what HE SAW while I was journeying the next week. What I saw when I was journeying was interesting but not unique. First, when he struck his drum, I saw a dark round spot and then squares vibrating off of it. Squares, now, not circles as you might expect. Second, after I went “under” I saw beautiful blue and purple colors moving around like a lava lamp. I asked they stay longer but I could hear Roger ending our session. Before awakening completely, I saw an olive green color. Roger asked me what I experienced and I told him first that his drum vibrates in squares. He said, “Interesting!” I said, “I know!” and we both chuckled. Then I explained the colors I saw. He asked what they meant to me. I explained that these colors were something I have seen quite often when I go into an altered state (hypnosis, guided meditation, massage or reiki). I always just assumed there was energy work or healing going on around the 5th (blue) or 7th (violet) chakras via the practitioner and let it be. To this point, no practitioner has been able to offer me any explanation when I told them what I saw. Roger accomplished this. He is very careful to let his client define what the meanings of things are to them. So, he explained that he saw a guide behind me. He described the guide as blue but also giving off the purple color I saw. The guide was feminine looking, but he could not say it was a female. The being was also bald. He asked me if this made sense to me and I replied, “Yes”, excused myself and hurried to the ladies room. When I returned, I asked Roger if he saw a star person. He said, “Yes” and I relayed my two experiences above. He got goosebumps. We had never discussed my connection to Arcturians until this exact point. I did not set this experience aside. I decided it was time to investigate further.

After this session, I went to YouTube and started searching for Arcturians. I had a bit of a shock. You see, I had forgotten what they looked like when I had first searched them in January of 2019. They look like what Roger described to me. A bit more investigating revealed an article about characteristics of an Arcturian Starseed and I was stunned at what I was reading. 14 Hidden SIGNS That Prove You Have An Arcturian Starseed Soul. I could check off more than a few of those!

The official definition of a starseed is an individual who has witnessed life on other planets than Earth; whether it is in human form or not. ~ https://www.guardian-angel-reading.com/blog-of-the-angels/starseed/#:~:text=The%20official%20definition%20of%20a%20starseed%20is%20an,can%E2%80%99t%20be%20compared%20to%20that%20of%20normal%20children.

EXPERIENCE 4 – August 8, 2020 – Conversation w/Candice Moreau – While visiting with friends in my community, I asked if anyone had a referral to an expert in the area that I could speak with about Arcturians. Candice Moreau’s name was given to me and she was a treasure of information. She very patiently listened to my experiences, relayed some others and I left with no doubt I have a connection with the Arcturians. Some things we talked about were:

  • It is no coincidence that I have an interest in genealogy as the Arcturians are considered the geneticists of the Universe.
  • It is no coincidence that I saw squares vibrating off the drum in my journey as they are strongly tied to sacred geometry.
  • It is no coincidence that I saw blue and purple as these are the colors they eminate/work with.
  • It is no coincidence that I have had lucid dreams of flying into a parking garage with a plane or that a recent host at an Airbnb was not actually the being that was checking on me while I was in bed sleeping but seeing her pull the covers over me.
  • It is no coincidence that I am a good planner and organizer as they are also.
  • It is no coincidence that I have been a healer in a past life and am in this one as they are also healers.
  • It is no coincidence that I am an empath as they are also.

Again, if you would like to investigate, check out the internet and I will also recommend Gaia. I recently finished the Initiation Series Seasons 1 & 2 and learned a lot about a theory of creation and the Arcturians part in it presented by Matias DeStefano. Many of the images that are used in the series are images I have seen in altered states. I’ll admit to being on the fence slightly, but there are other resources people are sharing with me that show creation in the same or similar light. The websites for the folks I mention in my blog are below.

If you have gotten this far and have not dismissed me, you have my unending gratitude.

Many Blessings to you.

In love and light –


Shattered Hearts


Photo Credit: https://dysautonomiacenter.com/2016/01/15/new-study-on-broken-heart-syndrome/

Used with permission of author.

I pray for you whose hearts have been shattered.
That the love once held there will again have a whole vessel in which to reside.
That healing will bring assurance and you will experience a love that fulfills all you desire.
I pray for you whose hearts are full for another.
Whose arms remain empty because that love cannot be returned for the vessel has been depleted and the spirit too weak.
I pray for the selves that take from the others and can’t reciprocate.
For those who are unable to give back to refill what they have taken and leave empty vessels in their wake.
That these wounded warriors, these injured souls, feel a true and healing love that will bring joy and happiness within and without, I pray.

Debbie Turner
Wilmington, NC
July 21, 2020

Personal Message – Upon waking – View from Above

DG Holes in Sky Sq Format

First of all, let me say, it’s very interesting to me that this image came to me one month from the image I saw under hypnosis. It was kind of interesting trying to figure out how to “draw” this in Publisher but I think you can see that it’s almost as if someone punched holes in the sky that could be looked or traveled(?) through.


sky- https://www.auntyflo.com/dream-dictionary/sky#:~:text=Seeing%20the%20sky%20in%20a%20dream%20is%20associated,strife%20for%20a%20better%20life%20and%20higher%20achievements. – Seeing the sky in a dream is associated with your sublimeness, state of being majestic, and infinite freedom. Spiritually, the sky is the symbol of infinity and limitless possibilities. The sky refers to your strife for a better life and higher achievements.

clouds – https://www.auntyflo.com/dream-dictionary/cloud – White clouds signify happiness, joy, equilibrium, setting clear goals and career contentment in your life.

Number three – https://www.sunsigns.org/angel-number-3-meaning/#:~:text=The%20meaning%20of%203%20reveals%20that%203%20is,Middle%20and%20End%20and%20Birth%2C%20Life%20and%20Death. – It is always difficult to know exactly what your guardians are leading you towards. However, if you are seeing Angel Number 3, you can be assured that you are doing something right. Your connection to the spiritual realm is potent during this phase, and they are showing their support for you.

channels/tunnels – https://allaboutheaven.org/symbols/tunnel/123 – A tunnel is a communications channel within the spiritual world.  In effect, when we see any form of tunnel, mine shaft, lift shaft, pipe, sewer, well, corridor or tunnel like opening we are seeing and traversing the spiritual communications network! (I asked my guides if these were in fact channels/tunnels and received yes.

Message – Being up in the sky, not on the ground looking up, has me in a spiritual realm and the three, divine, channels are showing me that there are many channels open to me to receive information and guidance. This is a happy picture to me, the clouds and sky are beautiful so this all feels right and good. My goals and dreams are being supported and are bringing me joy. I feel also that these tunnel openings are open to traveling back and forth easily from one realm to another. They represent the number of guides I have working with me right now.

Many blessings to you,

~ Devi

Mother Healing

holding-hands-mom-and-child-900x600Photo Credit: https://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/regressive-autism-wandering-feel/

I am not a birth mother, so when I received this Mother Healing message in a reading from a friend, I looked externally for what relationships I needed to heal with women in my life who are mother figures to me.


What has been offered to me by other intuitive friends is that I am a mother-figure to others and it’s this part that can be draining to me because, although I should Let Myself Receive, I don’t see others fulfilling me the way I fulfill them. Why is that?

Others aren’t as caring to me as I am to them? Others are simply not able? I don’t allow it?

I have been receiving signs in Nature. Even my birth mother is wondering what is going on.  One of my mentors asked me what I thought.

4 wounded souls

As a note, all of these animals were found while I was doing my daily walk in the early morning. I often refer to this time as my meditation and a time when I get messages or ideas.  It’s not beyond me that this is when I would receive signs.

https://spirit-animals.com is my favorite website for looking up the metaphysical meanings of animals.

Turtle- https://www.spirit-animals.com/turtle-symbolism/ – It may be a signal that you need to ground yourself and  your energy to Earth. This grounding is the best way to protect yourself and to stay focused on the present.

Cardinal – https://www.spirit-animals.com/cardinal-symbolism/ – Cardinal symbolism tells you to make sure that you are aware of precisely what you are manifesting.

Rabbit – https://www.spirit-animals.com/rabbit-symbolism/ – In general, Rabbit symbolism reminds us to examine and use the tools we have within ourselves. Even though our instincts are inherent, they also need nurturing and development.

Mouse – https://www.spirit-animals.com/mouse-symbolism/ – Mouse symbolism is asking you to look at what is right in front of your eyes and then take action accordingly.

All of the messages within these animals are important and are duly noted.  Most specifically, the Mouse message, catches my attention.  Three of these animals were still alive and in distress when I found them.  The mouse was already dead.  It was very difficult for me to walk away from them.  (I did move the turtle out of the road.) As a matter of fact, when I posted about them in social media, it was very common for people to tell me what to do to take care of them.  In contrast to what one would think my message was, “take care of these wounded souls”, my message was that it’s not my responsibility to take care of every wounded soul that crosses my path. I do not need to mother every one particularly if this action completely drains me without promise of replenishment. The mouse being dead was my confirmation as it was found the morning after I made the realization I am not responsible for healing all that come to me. I stopped seeing injured animals after the mouse. The issue is now dead/over.

I can educate people, show them a way, give my opinion, offer them resources, but then I must step away with blessings.  I must let them use their free will to make their choices and not worry about what their journey will be from those choices.  I can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink.

Many blessings to you,

~ Devi


Personal Message – Red Bird Image Under Hypnosis

While under hypnosis, as a demo for a class, I saw this image.

I looked up the meaning of the different elements:

Gold – Luxury & Wealth, Power, Enlightenment.

Dogwood – Four corners of creation, Strength, Protection and Firm Will.

Red Bird – Compassion, Intuition, Love, Grace, Focus, Power, Survival, Security, Leadership and Intentions.

The Number 4 – Angels use it to communicate with us about everyday down to earth concerns, your guardian angels are with you on earth working on your behalf.

Wall – personal barrier which seems impossible to cross, mental stronghold created by self with blocks put in place.

Message – Although I have been gifted with great intuitive abilities, I am blocking my power while being guided to step into it. I need to acknowledge the blocks and “take down that wall”.

What is interesting and timely about this message is that I have been scared about stepping into this identity of Devorah. Now I know that I need to shake the fear off and step into it fully.

Many blessings to you,

~ Devi

I Am Not Your Mother

DAT Grandfather Mountain 2019Photo Credit: Linda Thunberg, Huntersville, NC

Used with permission of author

I did not conceive you but I can conceive the being you are becoming.
I did not birth you, but I see you born again each day you wake.
I did not nourish you from my breast but can with the food of the earth and care of my heart.
I did not watch you grow from a child but see you grow in body, mind and spirit as a miraculous being.
I did not send you to school, and can only teach you what I know from a loving heart and intuitive mind.
I did not send you off into the world, but I cherish your being in this world.
It is not up to me to make you anything other than who you are.
You are a perfect being.
I am your guide, teacher, healer and lover.
I see you from an open heart with loving eyes and pray one day you are, in Grace, the being I see but could not create because… I am not your mother.

Deborah A. Turner
Wilmington, NC
June 30, 2020

When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

The same day I was walking and contemplating the meaning of my finding pennies in the street, I also started thinking about the different injuries I had to both of my feet.  Injuries that I thought were just bad luck, I now see as the consequences of choices I made.  Granted, I thought I was making good, reasonable choices for me in my life at the time.  I am intelligent and aware of my body and bank account so why would finding a less expensive, known-for-good-quality walking shoe, that might deviate slightly from what I was wearing, cause me so much trouble?  It’s because my body and some shoes do not fit each other!  So, what did I do to compensate? I changed my body to fit the shoe and that was a problem.  Instead of acknowledging I must have the right fit for my greatest and highest good, I worried more about how much money I spent and now might waste on shoes. This resulted in plantar fasciitis in my left foot and a gouging of flesh over my right Achilles tendon and walking in pain or not walking at all. I purchased bandages, arch inserts, plantar fasciitis support bands and different socks to compensate.  So much for saving money on the shoes!


My understanding of having the right tool for a job started young, but along the way there was often a substitute that helped get the job done.  The result may not have been as pretty or perfect as it could have been, but a task was completed well enough.  Resourcefulness is good but might come at a price.  My chiropractor in Richmond, VA, Dr. Nicholas Rulli (best practitioner EVER, by the way!), was the first person who suggested the idea of going to a local running shoe store, getting fitted properly and then buying the same model on-line in the future to save money.  I got on board with that idea and was very glad.  It served me well and I saved money.  Then, I couldn’t find my model! I stayed within the same brand and got the newer model and did fine, but then the prices were still way up.  I noticed that the website I was ordering from had specifications you could use to filter the results of the shoes offered.  I played around and found the filter settings that would bring up my good shoes and started to buy other, less expensive shoes that came up in that filter result.

This worked great for a while and then I noticed that when I made slight changes to the specifications to find a less expensive shoe, the wear on the shoe and on my skin over my Achilles tendon was indicating a problem.  I kept getting blisters in the same spot on my right heel and the inside of the shoe in relationship to that spot was wearing out into a hole in the collar of the shoe. Amazingly it was only the right foot to which this was constantly happening.  The left foot was fine.  Another thing I noted was that my muscles in my legs, rear-end and lower back reacted to the changes in the shoes, sometimes unfavorably.  This is how I finally developed plantar fasciitis after six (6) years of this buying practice.  I recognized that in my life, I am constantly changing myself to fit circumstances.


(Blood on the left shoe.  In the crease of the collar, a hole was forming.  These shoes were only a week old.)


(Right heel missing a chunk of skin.)

I questioned further, is changing yourself always bad?  I recall one of my sisters telling me that I changed every time I met a new guy when I was dating.  I understood what she was saying.  She was suggesting that I was changing for them.  What I know is that different people bring different experiences to us.  In one relationship, I recall that I was at a time in my life that I could not understand how anyone could sit in front of a television and watch a game for three hours. Then, I met the Philadelphia Phillies in 2011.  If you know the Phillies, you know this was a fantastic year for them.  I saw great athleticism and a winning team make it to the National League East Division Championship and that darn squirrel in St. Louis helped take them out of the running to the World Series. (But I digress… lol) You would also know that they haven’t had such great years since the changes that were made in the team.  Kind of sucks, but I hold faith they will grow into a winning team again!  Now, what my sister might have correctly seen was that my fanaticism for this team was because of a guy. What I know is that I expressed an interest in something new in the hopes of finding something in common and I did.  I did not change myself.  I opened myself up to a new experience and found that I am a baseball fan!  Not only do I enjoy a good game on the television, I like going to the games in person and experiencing the fans and teams live!  The only thing I can give the guy credit for, in this instance, is the team association.  But what a team to watch that year!

Other than the shoes, a way that change was not good for me was allowing myself to gain an extraordinary amount of weight because I was eating my emotions and although my husband said he loved me as I was, he did not care to join me in the understanding of how unhealthy a life we were living.  The idea of “don’t stress about it because I love you as you are” was not a good idea to practice.  What strikes me now is that he was gaining, and it was all reflected in the hoarding practice he had in the house.  I started exhibiting his depression, pain, lack of caring and lack of self-confidence and increase in need for material and food satisfaction.  This was something I slid easily into not knowing that I was doing something so astoundingly bad for my spiritual, physical and mental health.  I continue to work on correcting these ideas and although I have gained some weight back, I know what I need to do to retain and grow in my spiritual, mental and physical health.  I recognize I must care for and pay attention to my spiritual needs and congruently my physical and mental health.  When I do this, I am working with God for my highest good.

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction through the following books:  Think and Grow Rich (1937) by Napoleon Hill, You Can Heal Your Life (1984) by Louise Hay and The Secret (2006) by Rhonda Byrne. If I want to have abundance, I cannot live my life worrying about it.  I need to live as if I am already in it.  Not living in this manner caused me to spend too much money to fit in bad shoes, injury and a denial that God was already offering me abundance in my life.  Focusing on correcting what I thought was the negative was bringing me the true negative.  Focusing now that I am in alignment and positively seeing abundance is putting me in line with abundance. Since I made the change, I am healing from my injuries and do not worry about my bank account, granted I am not running around spending money willy-nilly, but I have enough to pay my bills, debt and have fun from time to time.

So, what did I do to divert and get my feet on the correct course?  What we all should do, I sought out an expert in the matter.  I went to Fleet Feet Sports here in Wilmington, NC and met Tricia Dell-Weber.  I took two (2) pairs of my problem shoes, told her that I knew intuitively that my right ankle had to be smaller than my left and that I am avoiding giving myself the best possible results because I am cheating myself away from them by buying shoes that don’t fit and are not supporting me.  She was in agreement, kind and informative.  Not too much sales push, but a genuine care to help me with the issue and in turn relieve my frustration.  I left with a confirmation that my right foot was different than my left (Not surprising because I know we are not completely symmetrical.) and spending over $200.00.  But, I had LiquiCell Blister Bands (so I could keep walking), great shoes and socks, the correct arch insert, a new way to tie my shoes, a piece of massage equipment to help release the tension of the leg and foot muscles to ease the stretch of the plantar fasciitis and an awesome pair of OOFOS flip flops.  The last item being genuine footwear for plantar fasciitis recovery.  They work so well that I bought two more pairs. Via e-mail I received a really cool picture of the mapping of my feet.  I now have the support and care I need to help take care of me, so I can continue walking my meditation time in comfort and I can keep up with my daily exercise.


Now I apply this further and recognize how many times I or we force ourselves to conform to an idea that does not support our highest good:

  • I stayed in a job at which I was miserable.
  • I stayed in a relationship because of vows, but also because it was better than being alone.
  • Some folks force themselves to attend churches that don’t support their belief system. I have been grateful to find great communities that support me.
  • We have taken on diets because of self-dissatisfaction, only to find the diets themselves were not healthy or supportive of our unique chemistries.
  • Often, we allow doctors to determine our health care needs, goals and cures without listening to our bodies and doing intuitively what we know we need to do. I have changed this mindset and have become my own advocate.
  • When times get tough, we can choose to continue following paths that seem easy but end up bringing our spirits, minds and bodies into dis-ease so that we experience disease. It’s often easier to keep on the wrong path sometimes than do the work to get us back on the right one.

Instead of diverting from the path of reaching our highest good and what God has planned for us, let us instead choose to flow with ease in the path God placed before us at our birth.  Stagnation and reversal of our nature is not recognizing the abundance and our perfect path for our lifetime.  If we don’t know, or are unsure, there are people around us, teachers, mentors, guides, health and counseling professionals that can help us ease onto or back onto our paths.  It doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Instead of being in fear that we can’t afford to spend money so that it will help us, know that spending time asking/praying, meditating and moving with the flow of life, even if it seems odd, will generally set you back on your path of ease with the knowledge that the money part is in God’s control. You will follow the path of abundance of good health and spirituality that was set before you came to this earth.  The path along which God sent you.  Work smarter, not harder, and hear the messages of and understand the teachings of your lessons so you can set your sights on reaping the abundance you sow with your actions and intentions.

With Gratitude and Many Blessings to you and yours!


Firm and Striking

Photo Credit: https://www.alexandrosmalapetsas.com/landscapes-1/


Used with permission of author

Firm and Striking, created Perfectly,
I stand alone in Beauty.
Challenged by uncontrollable Forces,
I Weather what the Universe brings.
Secured in Faith, Love, Spirituality, Benevolence, Peace,
Patience, Joy and Gratitude,
I have the sturdiest Foundation.
Sought as a Beacon for Safety, Home and Guidance,
I Shine in my Purpose.
Objective of the Captain-determined course,
I am Silent, Witness to the Journey,
continuously providing Light.
God, Guides and Wisdom are caretakers,
I am Maintained.
Prayer, Nutrition and Self-Care provide,
I am Replenished.
Strong and Steady,
I stand through Time.
Though the Search for the Light has become updated,
I am continuously Sought.

Deborah A. Turner
Wilmington, NC
April 26, 2018



Photo Credit: (http://freeguitarmentor.com/kids/do-re-mi-guitar-lesson/)

As Julie Andrews sings in “The Sound of Music”… Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

My parents were raised in different denominations of Christianity.  One Presbyterian and one Roman Catholic.  After my father accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in the mid 1970’s, we were required to attend church on a regular basis.  Mom took us to mass and Dad went to his local church of preference. I have received four of the seven sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church and attended CCD through my elementary years. I also attended church retreats and bible camps. All pretty even keeled, middle of the road experiences and ideas.

Over the years, my parents were church leaders, teachers and hosts for home groups. Dad became an ordained minister and planted churches worldwide (Vineyard Christian Fellowhip).  They attended services and prayer meetings where they experienced and shared gifts of the Holy Spirit (Dad – Healing) and witnessed other people experiencing their gifts (Words of wisdom, Word of knowledge, Faith, Gifts of healings, Miracles, Prophecy, Distinguishing between spirits, Tongues)  Conversations were free around the dinner table about these ideas and I wasn’t a stranger to these conversations.  I made a remark at dinner one night, in my teen years, that even though I understand all of these ideas are in the Christian Bible, that anyone overhearing the conversation would think they were talking about a cult.

My personal experiences then were that I saw a spirit, received healing and was told by my mother she saw angels around a car I was driving before I headed out on a trip that resulted in multiple injuries and an additional trip in an ambulance for a one week’s stay in the hospital.  Visitors to the house talked of prayer meetings where demons were cast out of bodies and gave their names, people were healed, prophecies were given and people were so overcome they were “resting in the spirit”, which to others appears as fainting.  Oh… AND DREAMS… I am a firm believer that my very lucid dreams are messages and I am now being purposeful in learning them.

In their attempt to raise me as best they knew how in the Christian faith, I was limited to G-Rated television, radio and movies and was allowed to move up in ratings and subject matter with age. Dating was prohibited until I was 16 and I had a curfew and no car of my own through high school.  None of this was troubling. Although my friends thought my parents too strict, I benefitted through good grades and a happy child, teen and young adult hood.  I was a little naive to some things, but you learn fast when you move away from home.

To this day, I don’t like films that include horror, vampires, zombies or any thing to do with dark occult practices.  It was prohibited when I was younger and as an adult, they just are not my cup of tea.  I simply don’t find entertainment value in these topics but I also don’t fault anyone who does. Imagine my surprise one year while in Junior High, I found a Ouija board in the attic over the garage.  A friend of mine and I looked at it but didn’t do much of anything with it before the box was closed and left behind.  I suspect it was left by a previous home owner because that was a big “No-No” in our household.  There was never a good or holy spiritual connection between God or The Holy Spirit and the sources behind that practice.

I seek the light of things and positivity.  I have been told I am a lightworker, healer and teacher.  People tell me they see joy in and around me. Beauty and auras too.  How exciting is that???  I use my gut instincts, which are honed every day, when approaching new ideas, people or situations.  I think this is normal for one’s own safety or peace of mind.  I know it’s necessary to be careful with things you don’t know or understand, but it is all coming together with learning.  I now feel it’s ok to find value in philosophies, quotes or values that might come from non-Christian sources.  If they are in alignment with ideas I was raised with, they are not wrong just because they are not accredited to Jesus or God specifically in a Bible.  After thousands of years of translations, additions/deletions of writings, I have come to understand the Bible as truly a book of faith or guidelines.  Who knows how much of the original text and writings still exists? It’s value lies in the faith we place in its words and it’s okay to explore new ideas.

Such Blessings!